A new orchestral suite consisting of 16 dances rooted in Slovak folk songs. Composed by Peter Breiner; to be recorded and performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra in London.




An audio CD is a thing of the past. We want to create much more than that - a new media website designed to be immersive. We want our audience to have a very different, participatory experience with orchestral music, one that will engage them and capture their imagination. This will be a completely new and different way of presenting contemporary music .




The Slovak Dances album will serve as the centerpiece of a new media structure known as Transmedia. Across multiple media platforms, the audience will experience the composition not only through the state-of-the-art audio and video, but will be able to receive all the related information, observe every part of the process of the creation from every possible angle and point and learn the entire story of Slovak Dances with all the details and personae involved. In a completely new way, everybody can actually become a part of the story.






Series 1

Royal Phil Recording


Series 2

Behind the scenes RPO


Series 3

16 dances films


Series 4

Archive of all concerts.


Series 5

Folklore – Interview Project




Designed to be hands-on and appeal to a 21st century tech savvy audience with an appetite for game-like activities.


Virtual Engineer​

Listening to music the way you want. Visitors are given control to select what sections of the orchestra they would like to watch and listen to separately or together.


Principal Player

Engages musicians at home to record their own improvisational solo parts during specific areas of the set music and instantly hear the automatic playback of their creation with the accompaniment of the real Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Slovak Dances is a  work based on folk tunes (similar to other “dance” cycles - Dvorak, Brahms, Beethoven, Kodaly, Borodin) metamorphosed by several layers of Breiner’s complex and multifaceted musical language, including jazz, folklore and improvisation. The album is full of colorful contrasts,  energy, unusual instrumentation and humor and will be recorded at the legendary Air Lyndhurst Studios in London.

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Slovak Dances scores written by Peter Breiner


Videos and Website created by Sasha Santiago

Original Slovak Dances fonts created by Sväťo Mikyta,

Pavol Bálik, Vojtech Ruman